Weekly DV

Weekly DV

The other day I came across a site called Weekly DV. Here is the description from the site…

“WeeklyDV.com site dedicated and devoted to art, process, tools and culture of DV filmmaking. Offering resources and tools as well as showcasing the best in fast, simple, yet elegantly beautiful DV shorts.

If you have a few hours to spare, access to a DV camera and a computer and an idea, you can participate. WeeklyDV.com is open to everyone who is willing to try an idea out in short form. Stop thinking, start creating.

Jason Zada started WeeklyDV.com as an experiment in creativity. Using technology only as conduit for expression and freedom, creativity can flow out of project quickly and easily.

So please join in. Become part of a capsule and participate in a theme. Thanks for listening.”

I’ve only looked at a few projects, but it seems pretty cool. I’ll probably participate in a project or two when I get the time.

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  1. This site would appear to be shut down now and some of the videos don’t seem to working, at least not for me that it.

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