Before Sunset

Before Sunset Movie

5 Stars

Last night we saw “Before Sunset” at the Parkway Theater. Before Sunset is the sequel to Before Sunrise (1995). It was really good. Although it wasn’t actually filmed in real-time, the movie does represent one hour and twenty minutes of time during a single day, the same amount of time as the movie’s length. It is essentially one conversation. I very much like how the conversation progresses during the movie, and I especially like the ending… which I won’t give away here. I don’t think it is crucial to see Before Sunrise prior to seeing Before Sunset, but it does help.

Before Sunset was directed by Richard Linklater, and stars Ethan Hawke & Julie Delpy.

If you’re looking for action, don’t see Before Sunset. But if you’re looking for a good story, character development, and dialogue, then Before Sunset is a movie for you.

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