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I suscribe to a newsletter from Blu Dot, a furniture design company in Minneopolis. In the current issue they mention a new site by Dack Ragus, the man behind well-known blog and Blu Dot friend.

As Dack says, the new site, cin-o-matic, is “possibly the quickest, easiest, and simplest way to see what movies to watch, both in theaters and on dvd/video.” The site is loaded with data and allows you to customize a watch list based on the theaters you like and the critics you trust. Blu Dot says “Dack is a purist when it comes to web design. We found the site to be rigorous and the interface to be a little intimidating. Don’t fear the rigor. Sign up (it’s free) and take the guesswork out of movie night.”

I went to the site and it seems pretty useful. I’ll give you a little hint… roll-over the “i” next to the movies to see the information. The site will give you some info without clicking. Only click if you want more info.

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  1. Hey Paul: Don’t know if you signed up or not w/ cin-o-matic, but there are some other neat features like showtimes, watchlists, and netflix integration.

    Side note: the early reviews for Danny Deckchair aren’t good.

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