Kaena : The Prophecy

Kaena: The Prophecy

3 Stars

Last night anne marie and I went to see Kaena, at the Red Vic Theater. I wanted to really like this movie, but in the end it was just OK. The story had great potential, but there were holes that left me wanting. They didn’t give enough background information. I would have sat through a longer movie in order to learn more about the history of the characters. Some of the 3D environments were done very well, but the character animation was only on par with Saturday morning cartoons. Overall I would say Kaena is worth seeing, but it could have been better.

Kaena runs at the Red Vic from August 5th – 11th.

Kaena was written by Chris Delaporte & Tarik Hamdine, directed by Chris Delaporte & Pascal Pinon, and stars Kirsten Dunst, Richard Harris, Anjelica Huston, Greg Proops, Michael McShane & Keith David.

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