Sally Jupiter Pinup Poster from The Watchmen

Watchmen: Sally Jupiter Pinup Poster
Image © James Jean. All Rights Reserved.

If you read my previous post, you know I wasn’t terribly impressed with The Watchmen movie. But, being a big fan of pinup art, there was one thing that caught my eye early in the film… the poster of Sally Jupiter (aka Silk Spectre) hanging on the wall in The Comedian’s apartment.

As it turns out, the image was created by one of my favorite illustrators, James Jean, first mentioned here back in September of 2006. And, that poster is available for sale on James’ website. It’s slightly smaller than the version used in the movie, and it’s not too cheap at $85, but it is pretty darn cool.

The Watchmen – 3 hours I’ll never get back

Dr. Manhattan, The Watchmen

2 Stars

I finally went to see The Watchmen tonight, and I have to say I’m sorry I did. I was very disappointed.

The film had some nice visuals, and it had a couple concepts that could have been really interesting to explore, but the story (if you can call it that) dragged on and on, and never really went anywhere. I was ready to leave about halfway though.

I did like the idea of the Dr. Manhattan character… becoming so disconnected from humanity when he’s altered in such an extreme way. I also liked the idea of what may happen to masked heros as they age, or what their personal lives might be like, but although the film touched on these story lines it just didn’t go far enough.

I was also a little confused by the fact that, with exception to Dr. Manhattan, none of these masked heroes appeared to be anything other than normal humans, yet they still exhibited super-human abilities… like punching though concrete walls and catching bullets with their bare hands. I also had no idea what caused Warshak’s mask to move, or what was up with that strange, horned, egyptian cat that just came out of nowhere (and why was no one surprised to see it)?

I’m giving The Watchmen 2 stars, and I should clarify my scale by saying I give one star simply for making a movie. The other star is for the few points in the film that I did like, but they weren’t enough to make this an enjoyable experience.

Save your money and wait for The Watchmen to come on TV… late at night when you don’t mind falling asleep while watching.