Apple Posts 2.2.1 Software Update for iPhone & iPod Touch

Today Apple released the 2.2.1 Software Update for iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPod Touch. No new features, but it is supposed to improve the stability of Mobile Safari, and fix an annoying bug that caused images saved from mail to be displayed incorrectly when added to your iPhone’s camera roll.

The iPod Touch version of the software update includes the 2 fixes mentioned above, and corrects an issue with some Apple Lossless encoded audio files that were skipping during playback.

If iTunes doesn’t prompt you to install the update when you connect your iPhone or iPod Touch, simply click the “Check for Updates” button.

iPhone copy/paste between Safari and Mail with pastebud


Starting tomorrow (12/12) we’ll be able to copy and paste text on the iPhone between Safari and Mail, or between 2 web pages. And, it doesn’t require any software to be installed, or the iPhone to be tampered with.

It works by using 2 Javascript bookmarklets provided by pastebud. There’s a video of it in action over on Gizmodo (fyi… the video won’t play for me in Safari, I had to use Firefox).

All in all it looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to try it out. It is sad though that Apple hasn’t provided this ability long ago. Who knows, maybe it will be announced at Macworld in January.

via The Apple Blog

UPDATE (12/12/2008): The service went online today, and apparently there’s some concerns about security. use at your own risk.