Feedburner Accounts Moving to Google

I run the RSS feed for One Digital Life through Feedburner. Google bought Feedburner a while back (2007, I think), but the change of hands never really required me to do anything. I’ve heard rumblings for a little while now that Google was going to require people to migrate their feeds into a Google account, but I hadn’t really checked into it until now.

I tried to login to my Feedburner account tonight, and I can’t. I’m being prompted to migrate my account to Google. I’ve read some mixed reports on how smoothly this goes, and I may or may not need to change my feed address.

I’ll probable migrate the feeds tomorrow, so if the feed stops working, just come by the site and grab the new address.

if you use Feedburner too, you may want to try to login to your account.

Wow, Google Chrome out of Beta?

Google has announced that it’s new browser, Chrome, is officially out of beta. For those counting, that’s just 100 days after they released it. That kind of progress is unheard of in Google-time. For example, Gmail was launched in 2004, and it’s still listed as beta.

I haven’t really looked at Chrome yet, as there’s no Mac version. C’mon Google, share the love.

via Macworld

No on 8! Google… you are so on my shit list!

Google Yes on 8 ads

California Proposition 8 seeks to revoke the rights of same-sex partners to get married. I am firmly against Prop 8! I believe in equal rights for everyone!

This morning I read this post on The Dieline, where Andrew Gibbs talks about how Google allowed “Yes on 8” ads to be displayed on his site for California Visitors. I immediately checked my site, and sure enough they were here too. Ironically, they were right next to my post about how Apple publicly condemned Prop 8… and I agreed with them. I immediately took Google ads off of my site.

It’s kind of a strange situation… Google has also publicly condemned Prop 8, but apparently they are still willing to take money to advertise the opposite view. I’m not exactly sure if I should be pissed at Google, or should I praise them for allowing Free Speech on a topic that they don’t agree with. One thing is for sure, I don’t want the ads on my site. I’m a little annoyed that an ad of this nature would be posted to my site without a little more consideration. I don’t put these ads in the same category as random product ads. Google ads will not be back on the site until these ads stop.

If you have a blog that runs Google ads, you may want to check out your site to see just what is appearing. You may need to have someone here in California look for you.

UPDATE: I didn’t realize this, but there is a filter for Adsense that allows you to remove any ads that link to a specific URL. Learn more here. I’m still going to leave the ads off, at least until after the election.