Cosmos Electronics High-Tech Fetish Campaign

Cosmos Fetish Viral Campaign

This image was part of a series of photographs from a viral microsite called, High-Tech Fetish, launched by Cosmos Austria (an electronics website). I don’t think their intended appeal is any great mystery, but basically the idea was to strategically place products that the company sells into images that would naturally draw attention.

I saw these images for the first time today, so I thought this was a new campaign. With a little internet digging I’ve discovered that the microsite was actually produced in 2006. It’s no longer active. You can see the images, here, and a semi-functional archive of the site, here.

Without passing judgement on the practice of using sex in advertising, I will say that the images are quite stunning. I haven’t been able to find any information on who produced them. if you know, please leave a comment

via Design You Trust