iPad 2 Really is Awesome

iPad 2

This afternoon I was over at my neighborhood Best Buy and I got a chance to play with an iPad 2 demo unit. It wasn’t until today that I realized just how much nicer they are than the first-generation model that I have.

Although the iPad 2 is only 15% lighter than mine, I could feel the difference. It wasn’t a huge difference, but it was noticeable. What was more apparent is the difference in thickness, or should I say thinness. The iPad 2 is 33% thinner, and the difference in how it feels is dramatic. I also think the new, more tapered bevel around the edge tends to emphasize this difference, making it feel even thinner.

Although the screen has the same resolution as mine, it actually did seem more clear and crisp. I’m not sure why that is – did they change the display?

Although I’ve told myself I don’t need a new iPad, it did take some willpower to walk out of the store without one. Even though I was tempted, there’s no getting around the fact that mine still works fine. As proof, I used it to compose and publish this post.

2 thoughts on “iPad 2 Really is Awesome”

  1. Hi Paul.
    When you feel compelled to buy remember of us, Brazilian costumers.
    I bought my iPad in the USA, but here they cost almost US$900 (the 16GB Wifi!).
    I loved that you’re back on the blogging life. Last year I went to SF and loved it. I just knew the city through your blog (and movies), but I really felt in love with it.
    See ya.

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