Tumblr Feeds Still Not Updating

I subscribe to several hundred RSS feeds. Until yesterday I didn’t realize just how many of those feeds are from Tumblr blogs.

On December 5th, Tumblr had some “routine maintenance” go horrible wrong, resulting in countless blogs going offline.

Yesterday I read that the blogs themselves were back online, but I’m noticing today that none of my (Tumblr) feeds are updating. It appears as though their feed system is still down.

I did a quick search and didn’t find too many people talking about this, so this post is just to reassure others performing similar searches that you’re not crazy… Tumblr feeds are indeed broken. Hopefully they’ll be back soon, as I have no desire to start visiting hundreds of sites to get their latest posts.

[ UPDATE 12/08 – 9:45pm ]
Four days after the incident, some (not all) of my Tumblr feeds have started working again. In the real world four days isn’t a lot of time, but in the world of web services, it’s an eternity. Lets see how long it takes before everything is working properly again.

8 thoughts on “Tumblr Feeds Still Not Updating”

  1. Yes, thanks from me for this info too. I have several feeds from my other sites coming into my Tumblr, but none of them have updated for over a week. Is the problem you are describing for both outgoing AND incoming Tumblr feeds? Hopefully that is indeed the case, and will be why mine aren’t working.

  2. @Albert – I don’t have Tumblr blog with incoming feeds, so I’m not sure if that would be related or not. It does sound like it though. Most, and possibly all, the Tumblr feeds I subscribe to are working again, so hopefully the problem is just about straightened out.

  3. OK, thanks for the further info. It simply says my incoming feeds on Tumblr are all ‘queued for updating’, and has done all week. Perhaps there is a backlog on their server after the downtime last week.

  4. Thank you!! I’ve been trying set up a tumblr account and pull in a new feed and it’s just been stuck in queue….

    Nice to know it may not be user error.

  5. Same here. Thought I must be doing something wrong, checked and rechecked everything. Feeds should not take nearly this long. Once it’s up and running, no longer “queued” do updates happen more rapidly?

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