New 4GB iPod Shuffles

3rd Generation iPod Shuffle

If you haven’t already heard, Apple introduced a brand new 4GB iPod Shuffle today. It’s a complete redesign, and by far the most notable change is the lack of any playback controls on the Shuffle itself. You control playback entirely from the small remote on the earbud cord.

Understandably, the change in user-controls has a few people miffed because it means you must use Apple’s earbuds, at least until 3rd parties start coming out with compatible earbuds or controllers.

In terms of features, one of the biggest additions is what Apple is calling, VoiceOver. Basically, the Shuffle has the ability to talk to you… it can tell you what track or playlist you’re listening to, and provide some level of navigation.

If you can live with the new controls, it looks like a pretty sweet little redesign. The new 4GB model comes in silver or charcoal grey (black?), and costs U.S. $79.

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