Don’t change your Mighty Mouse batteries before you have to

Apple Mighty Mouse Battery Warning

If you use an Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse, you’ve probably seen this battery warning at some point. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a little premature in when it tells you to change batteries. I sometimes get 2-3 weeks of additional use after I get the warning before the batteries actually die. And that’s using my mouse all day, every day.

Ignore the warning. Don’t change the batteries until they actually die.

5 thoughts on “Don’t change your Mighty Mouse batteries before you have to”

  1. for the record, the purpose of this warning is to have you change the batteries at that point in time as the computer has recognized low power and the mouse will start to respond slower. people who generally ignore the warning have issues with clicking and response time. so ya, if your cheap and can’t afford a set of $3 batteries by all means wait till they die, but for best performance change when the computer give the warning.

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