Wow, the price of gas sure dropped quick!

Gas is 1.83 in San Francisco

The gas station on the corner by our house is selling gas for $1.83 per gallon. It seems like just a few months ago that it was pushing $5 per gallon here in San Francisco. It boggles my mind that the price could drop so quickly. Of course, it also boggled my mind listening to the oil companies say they had to raise prices due to supply, at the same time they were posting all-time record profits (scum suckers).

As much as it annoyed me that it took almost $50 to fill up our little Toyota Echo, I actually thought high gas prices were a good thing. I felt bad for those people who legitimately had to drive large vehicles long distances, but I think it made most people re-evaluate their driving habits. People began to realize they could actually drive less, take public transportation, carpool, and possibly even walk occasionally (heaven forbid). They also started to reconsider what kind of car they may buy next time around.

I’m a little worried that people tend to have very short memories. Falling gas prices may mean that many people go back to their same old bad habits. I hope not.

3 thoughts on “Wow, the price of gas sure dropped quick!”

  1. The texaco by my house is currently at $1.51. Its been getting super low!! I agree with you on thinking it was a good thing when it was high. Gave people who had cars that were worse off for the environment a reason to either take public transit, car pool etc. I have come to think that its probably a bad sign it being so low. I was listening to NPR earlier this morning or maybe it was last night…. Its the lowest its been in 5 years?

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