Do you remember the pledge of allegiance?

pledge of allegiance

Happy Independence Day! One quick question for all of you Americans out there… Can you still recite the pledge of allegiance? C’mon, you did it 5 days a week for your entire childhood. :)

Anne Marie heard this question on NPR this morning. I must admit that I stumbled a little when she asked me. I was surprised by that.

2 thoughts on “Do you remember the pledge of allegiance?”

  1. I can recite the Pledge of Allegiance no problem. But as a devout Atheist and an honest patriot I skip the Joseph McCarthy “under God” feature because it is sacrilegious to make false professions, and dangerously reckless to claim holy sanction for the State.

    So, here’s to Independence from Tyranny and state-sanctioned religion!!


  2. I can still recite it but I remember it meaning nothing to me when I as a kid. It just became a part of what I did every morning before class. Wasn’t until I was a little older did I realize what it was.

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