3 thoughts on “Life After People”

  1. I’m farily excited about this special, just started watching it right now. So far the special has been about power plants and transportation systems and so forth…none of which is why I wanted to watch. I was more intersted in the animals and evolution and all that, but oh well.

  2. We already have bridges falling on their own now (Minnesota)! If there were no people of COURSE things would decay and start falling. Would we care at that point if we weren’t here?

  3. This show goes on the premise that all would be the same, just the people are gone. I think this scenario is highly unlikely. Wouldn’t plants and other life forms be gone too? It makes me relax to see this show and think that the planet will still survive and recover from all the human degradation, but I’m wondering if that’s true if much of other life besides human was gone too.

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