Media Temple issues credit to (gs) customers

If you’re using Media Temple’s Grid Service (gs), you probably already know that they’ve had a few hiccups with the service over the last few months. For me, it hasn’t been anything too terrible, but it has been fairly annoying at times.

This morning, Media Temple CEO, Demian Sellfors, made a public apology on the company’s blog. And, he announced that they would be giving all (gs) customers a two month credit for their troubles.

The credit should automatically show up in the billing section of you MT Account Center. As of this afternoon, mine hadn’t been posted, so I left a comment on their blog post about it. Shortly after leaving my comment, they posted the credit to my account, and emailed me to let me know it was there (Thanks guys!). If you’re a (gs) customer, you may want to check your Account Center to make sure you got the credit.

Although I haven’t been very happy with the downtime Media Temple has had lately, I still think they’re a good company. I’m willing to stick with them for a while longer. And, I would even still recommend them. Sometimes, shit just happens. It’s how the company deals with that shit that determines their commitment to their customers.

There is one side-note to this that I think is a little strange. I subscribe to the rss feed for Media Temple’s blog so I can keep track of any incidents they post. There has been a continual stream of posts coming in over the last few days about some trouble they were having with upgrades, which ultimately lead to the apology I mentioned. But, as far as I can tell, when you visit the blog in your browser, none of those posts are shown. They appear to only be available via the feed. Maybe I’m missing something, but this seems strange to me.

If you’re a Media Temple customer, you may want to subscribe to their feed, and not just visit the blog. Otherwise you may not get the whole story.

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  1. I have been very troubled myself with Media Temple. I have called recently as my site that is hosted on the grid server has been having poor uptime performance. I called and spoke to a sale person who told me there really have not been and issues with service. I told them how my site was down for about 9 hrs over a weekend when they were working with Blue Arc to resolve issues (It was even on the blog, which no longer exists). He told me he didn’t see any mention of it. Also I have not received any credit as mentioned in your article.

    I seems to me Media Temple is on shakey ground and it also appears they are now in denial.

    Looks like it’s time to find another service. Really sad about this as they hve a wonderfor admin interface. Unfourtunately, I need my site up and avaiable. Anyone have any suggestions for new hosting?

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