Are new 17″ Macbook Pros coming next week?

17 inch Macbook Pro Shipping Delay

I was browsing around Apple’s online store this morning and I noticed something very curious. With only 2 exceptions, all Macs have a shipping date of, “Within 24 hours”. The interesting part is in one of the exceptions. The 17″ Macbook Pro lists shipping as, “7-10 business days”. Given that Leopard ships in 9 days (10/26), is this an indication that Apple will announce updated 17″ Macbook Pros on the day Leopard ships?

The only other model not to be listed as 24 hours is the top of the line iMac, which is listed as, “1-3 business days”. To me, that just sounds like a typical delay for build-to-order systems, which may be more common on the higher end model. I don’t think we’ll be seeing new iMacs, but new Macbook Pros is looking like a real possibility.

UPDATE (10.23.07 – 10:13pm): I’ve been keeping on eye on the shipping dates for 17″ Macbook Pros, and just tonight it was updated from 7-10 days to 1-3 days. Leopard will go on sale in just over 2 days. This may be just a coincidence, but I find it awfully suspicious.

UPDATE #2 (10.25.07 – 12:48am): Leopard is now 1 day and 17 hours away. Right on schedule, the Apple store has been updated to show shipping times for the 17″ Macbook Pro as, 1-2 days. I’m definitely seeing a pattern here. :)

UPDATE #3 (10.26.07 – 5:07pm): Well, not all predictions can come true. Leopard is on sale around most of the country, and will be here in San Francisco in about an hour… and no new Macbook Pros were announced. :(

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