Free Newsgator Mobile for iPhone

I use NetNewsWire for all my RSS reading goodness. NetNewsWire is capable of syncing my feeds between multiple computers either via .Mac or Newsgator. I’ve always used .Mac, because the online Newsgator interface has always seemed a bit clunky to me, so I didn’t really use it.

That practice is changing today, because Newsgator has released a free version of it’s online reader formatted for the iPhone.

“The login automatically detects the iPhone. If discovered, the iPhone is routed to a version of NewsGator’s free Mobile service designed specifically to work with the iPhone, and enables users to read news feeds and mark feeds as read while they’re on the go.”

via Macworld

1 thought on “Free Newsgator Mobile for iPhone”

  1. Just tried it out… if you think their web interface is clunky, wait til you see the iPhone one… very very cluncky. All my feeds were expanded and search feeds have awful long names. It works, but it’s clunky. Contrast with the UI Leaflets has. Combine the two and THAT will be the way to fly :)


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