Mouse alternative for an injured hand


For several weeks after my hand surgery, I was unable to use a mouse. Luckily, I did find that I could use a trackball. I chose this Logitech model. You move the cursor with your thumb, and click with your first two fingers. I’ve also seen versions that are the opposite… you move the cursor with your fingers, and click with your thumb.

I personally prefer a mouse, and I’ve switched back now that I’m able to use one again, but if you ever find yourself with a hand injury, one of these may mean the difference between being able to work, or not.

2 thoughts on “Mouse alternative for an injured hand”

  1. wow, it was weird coming to the page and seeing that picture, i use the same exact trackball! personally, i love it, and find using a normal mouse has become foreign. glad it worked for ya, and good to hear your hand is feeling better.

  2. I use that trackball in my home office for most things. I use a Logitech cordless G5 at my day job, so I like to have something different at home to help keep the wrist and hands healthy.

    I still keep a corded G5 at home for gaming and for heavy design work, but I find the trackball is awesome for most things. Especially procrastinating by reading blogs like yours!

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