Mac Fanatic Software Giveaway

If you’re unfamiliar with Mac, it’s a website, and a podcast, dedicated to Mac goodness… software reviews, Apple news, etc..

Matt, the creator of the site, and host of the podcast, is celebrating the 50,000th download of his podcast by giving away a bunch of great Mac software (1 app per winner). Here’s the list, as of today:

  • Tangerine (1 copy)
  • Rapidweaver (3 copies)
  • Frenzic (3 copies)
  • Typinator, KeyCue, and PopCharX (1 copy each)
  • Journler (1 copy)
  • CSSEdit (1 copy)
  • SmartBackup (1 copy)
  • ChaChing (3 copies)
  • Billings 2.5 (1 copy)
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac (2 copies)
  • Delicious Library (1 copy)
  • Disco (3 copies)
  • Overflow (1 copy)

If you don’t recognize some of those titles, Matt has you covered with a complete description of each.

Entering the contest couldn’t be easier, as all you really need is a name and an email address. I’m sure you all have those, right. You’ll need to enter between April 23rd, and June 1st, 2007. Winners will be chosen by random drawing. Check out the full details, here.

Oh, and while you’re there, have a look around the site, and give a listen to Matt’s podcast.

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