We’re home

Maggie at Fort Funston

Well, we finally made it home. We’ve actually been home for a week now. Last Friday (3/30) Anne Marie flew to Phoenix, in order to drive home with me over the weekend. We left Saturday afternoon and made it as far as Barstow, CA. We finished the drive on Sunday. My hand held up OK, but it was a little stiff after the drive.

It’s so nice to be home. I appreciated being able to spend some extra time with my friends, but after a month away, I really missed Anne Marie and was more than ready to be home.

Yesterday we were able to give Maggie her first day back at Fort Funston (her favorite place). She hasn’t had any real exercise in a month. She was so happy to be running in the surf, and digging holes. She usually comes home pretty filthy. We were glad to see that she didn’t show any sign of being fearful of other dogs. It looks like the incident in Phoenix didn’t have any lasting impact on her.

I actually found that I missed the ocean far more than I expected. We usually take Maggie to the beach every weekend. After a month of not going, I think I needed it as much as she did. I’ve spent most of my life not living by the ocean, but I don’t think I could ever go back now.

My hand is healing fairly well. I’ve continued physical therapy here in San Francisco. It’s still in a splint, but it’s much smaller than the previous versions, and I can take it off when I’m just sitting at my desk. I guess I don’t really have much of an excuse not to blog anymore. It’s just been hard getting back into the habit.

5 thoughts on “We’re home”

  1. Welcome home. I hear what you’re saying about the ocean. Sadly, I don’t live near the water but my family vacations in Prince Edward Island every year. I could easily live by the sea, all year round (although, maybe not in PEI; they have some brutal winters). I love your shot of Maggie; she looks so very happy.

  2. Great to hear that you finally made it back home. It is great to see your friends and all, but under the circumstances, it wasn’t the best way I’m sure. Hope you continue to heal well and I’m glad that Maggie is doing well also. Take care!

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