Copy music from your iPod to your Mac with iPodDisk


One of the biggest complaints about the iPod is the inability to copy music from your iPod back to your computer. iPodDisk is the simple solution to that problem, and it’s FREE.

Simply plugin your iPod (make sure “Enable disk use” is checked in iTunes), and then launch iPodDisk. Now, the music on your iPod shows up in a finder window, just like any other volume. You can browse, copy, or even play your music.

This will come in extremely handy if you were to lose the music that resides on your computer (always make backups), or if you just want to copy some music off of a friend’s iPod (it will read Windows formatted iPods too).

A note of caution… if you do plugin someone else’s iPod to your computer, make sure NOT to let your iTunes sync with it, or your friend won’t be very happy with you.

iPodDisk requires OS X 10.3.9+. It’s currently PPC only, but the author plans to make a Universal version. If you can’t wait, the author does allow you to download the source code, and tweak it yourself (see the FAQ).

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