Track QuickTime in Mint

QuickTime Check Pepper

One of the only things that Mint does not track, that I have always wanted it too, is QuickTime.

Today, that all changed with the introduction of the QuickTime Check Pepper, from the good guys over at Phototropic.

It can’t tell you what version people are running, but it can keep track of how many of your visitors have QuickTime installed. That’s good enough for me.

Thanks guys!

found via Shaun Inman

UPDATE (12.1.06):
Now that I’ve been running this for a few days, I’ve discovered a bug. Having the QT Check pepper installed breaks the main ‘Visits’ pane in Mint. It no longer tacks ‘Unique’, it simply uses the ‘Total’ number for both columns. Temporarily deactivating the QT Check pepper doesn’t solve the problem. You need to uninstall the pepper to clear it’s tables in the database. After that, Mint will start counting visits properly again. I’ll update this post when a fix is available.

UPDATE #2 (12.7.06):
The bug has been fixed. The new pepper is available for download. :)

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