3 thoughts on “Force Quit”

  1. That was fantastic! I saw that on BoingBoing yesterday and almost blogged it myself.
    The reason I didn’t was I wasn’t sure if it was ok to take the image and repost it. I’m not saying you did anything wrong and I’m fairly certain that this image was ok to use, I’m just saying, I do it on my blog and then wonder if it’s not going to get me into trouble.

    What do you think about this?

  2. I personally think it’s OK as long as…

    1. There is no statement to the contrary on the original site
    2. You credit the source
    3. Host the image on your own server (Don’t Hotlink!)

  3. That’s pretty much how I try to play it. Thanks for the input. I’m still relatively new to blogging so I’ve been using you and your site as a reference point. I started by trying out WordPress, on your suggestion, and I love it! I used to build my own CMS apps out of PHP (for example, starvinghysteria.net is completely original code) until I looked at how WordPress does it and realized how much more robust and versatile it is. I just wish it were easier to build a template for; I haven’t really found a template I love yet.

    Anyway, thanks again for the advice.

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