Who wants free Disco?

The other day I reviewed the new Mac disc burning utility, Disco. To do so, I actually bought a copy of the public beta, through MacZot. I did this partially for testing, because I was hoping it was going to be a Toast killer, and also because I had received a free copy of App Zapper through MacZot a few moths back. I figured $14.95 was a small price to pay for 2 apps (and I really love App Zapper).

Purchasing Disco through MacZot lead to a happy surprise. They are giving me a 2nd (free) license. So, I’m going to pass that license on to one lucky odl reader.

All you have to do to win this free license is leave a comment on this post. I’ve chosen a number at random, and whoever ends up being the commenter at that number in the list, will win (example: if I have chosen the number 9, and you are the 9th comment, you win). That’s it… it’s completely random.

Sometime tonight between 6:00pm-10:00pm (PST) I will be closing the comments and announcing the winner. If the number I have chosen is higher then the number of comments, then the last commenter will win.

There are 2 rules:

  1. You can only comment once! I will be checking. If you comment more than once, you’ll be disqualified!
  2. Leave your full name in the “name” field of the comment form. I’ll need that to license your copy of Disco. I’ll need your email address too, but DON’T leave that in the body of your comment. I can pull it from the comment form itself.

Once the winner is chosen, I’ll give his or her name and email address to MacZot, and they will email you your free license.

Good luck!

UPDATE: Sorry for the delay in posting the results. This simple giveaway ended with a little dilemma.

First, let me say that the number I chose was 36. Surprisingly, we didn’t reach that number, even though I kept it open until 10:00pm. I had said that if the number I chose wasn’t reached, then the last person to comment would win. However, if you recall, there were 2 rules to this giveaway… 1. you can only comment once, and 2. you must leave your full name in the comment form. Wouldn’t you know it, the last person to comment did not leave their full name.

So… what to do? On one hand, rule #2 didn’t explicitly say that you would be disqualified if you didn’t leave your full name (like rule #1 did). However, it was still a rule that was supposed to be followed.

After a little deliberation… I must adhere to the rules that were originally spelled out, and disqualify Alessandro for not leaving a full name. Sorry Alessandro… rules are rules.

Congratulations go out to Mark Huelsing, for snagging this copy of Disco. I’ll be shooting you an email shortly.

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