Monkey Portraits

Monkey Portraits: by Jill Greenberg
Images © Jill Greenberg. All rights reserved.

Monkey Portraits is the new book by photographer, Jill Greenberg. Jill is more known for her celebrity portraits, but a few years ago she was on a shoot, that just happened to include a monkey. She enjoyed the experience so much, that a few years, and quite a few monkeys later, Jill had enough Photographs to fill a book.

You can buy the book at Amazon, or if you’re feeling especially creative, you can win a signed copy by submitting a photo of your best monkey face (or photo with a monkey) to Check the bottom of the CH article for details. Photo must be received by Monday, September 25th, 2006.

I just love these Monkeys. If I can find the time to shoot between now and Monday, I may just try to snag that book. If, not… I may have to buy it.

Oh, and if you live in NYC, you can see the photos at Jill’s show, at the ClampArt Gallery from October 12th – November 11th, 2006.

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  1. I just bought Greenberg’s book, and it’s absolutely amazing. The range of facial expressions that the monkeys (and apes) in the book are able of producing are astounding and shockingly human-like. Not to mention, some of them are really cute and make me want one as a pet (even though I know that would be a terrible idea).
    It’s a must-see.

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