Dance, Monkeys, Dance

The movie was made by Marcus Lindgren, a fifteen year old in Sweden. I don’t have any other information about Marcus, but I think he did a great job.

The voice over is actually a great spoken word piece by Ernie Cline. In addition to being named after the Sesame Street Character, Ernie is “a poet, screenwriter, and spoken word internet meme master.” You can hear more from him on his site, and you can buy his spoken word album here. I really like Ernie’s site. He’s definitely from my generation.

found via Steve Garfield’s Mom

4 thoughts on “Dance, Monkeys, Dance”

  1. Sweet movie… Brilliantly executed. Seems somehow coincidental that, while waiting for the movie to load, Safari updated my RSS feed for John C. Dvorak’s blog, with the top story being about Creationists trying to link Hitler to Darwin. It’s just more monkeys, doing what monkeys do.

    I really like Ernie’s site, too. I spent about 5 minutes on the front page, just looking at those game cartridges, going, “Oh, I know this one! It’s Star Raiders!” and then looking at the others. I think I got them all, the Atari was always my favorite system.

    The movie is great, considering it’s from a 15 year old in Sweden. Do they still use those old projectors in Sweden? I haven’t seen a slide show like that since I was in elementary school in the early 80s. Reel to reel film presentations were great! The teacher would spend about 20 minutes loading the film wrong, breaking the film, burning it, reloading it, ad nauseum, turning the lights off and on as she tried again and again. By the time the film was playing, no one even rememebered what we watching! Darn modern media! VCRs and DVD players, making it so simple to watch educational films…

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