I’m live again… almost

Well, after a few days of ups and downs, the site is live again… sort of. I’ve moved over to MediaTemple hosting, and some things have broken in the move. I’ll be trying to fix them today, but don’t be surprised if things don’t always quite work as expected.

UPDATE: The site seems relatively stable, but it’s definitely being held together by duct tape and kite string. I think it’s going to be a few days (at least) before things are back to normal.

UPDATE #2: The site itself is in pretty good shape, most of my problems now are with WordPress (my blogging software) itself. I’m having strange bugs like, I can create pages, but I can’t delete pages. If I try to edit a post, I end up on a blank screen. I have a sneaky feeling that I may be doing a fresh install of WordPress soon, so the site will go down again while I do that. Once I get all of this straightened out, I’ll be writing up the entire process, what worked and what didn’t, and why I made certain decisions.

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  1. When you’ve got the time, please do consider posting about the change over, how you finally decided on Mediatemple, and any problems. We currently use Verio for a number of sites. They’ve been good, the support used to be top notch, but it seems now they’re getting to be relatively expensive and the support isn’t as good as it used to be — still fairly responsive mind you. But we’re on the look out for cheaper and better alternatives so I’d be interested to hear how you got on.

  2. Roy, I use (mt) myself, and they’re good for pricing (in my opinion, may depend on your budget), and I’ve never had any downtime with them at all.

    It was super easy to setup a new account with them, but I agree, it would be interesting to hear the opinion of someone who’s moving their site… a very different matter.

  3. Woohoo! (mt) wins! I certainly hope you enjoy it. And I agree with the others that a post about the changeover would be cool. If you need an image gallery app (who needs one when there’s Flickr, but just in case) that works under php “safe mode” restrictions, the best I’ve found is MG2: http://www.minigal.dk/

  4. Yep, after I get things working properly again I plan to do a write up on the process I went through, and why. Hopefully that will be soon. I would much rather be writing content, than tweaking wordpress installations :(

  5. Simply use the WordPress backup plugin to copy your database contents, then save a copy of your theme files (if you havn’t already), and then delete all the WordPress files and database.

    Then create the empty DB… and install. Add themes, and use the backup plugin to restore the database.

    Have fun ;-)

  6. Thanks for the tip, Richard. More than likely, that’s how I’ll be doing it.

    My other option would be to create a blank db (leaving the current db intact), install WordPress (using the new db), set everything up the way I like it, and then point WordPress back to the original db.

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