DreamHost or MediaTemple?

With today’s incident of the site going down, I may be in the market for a new host. The two I hear come up the most are DreamHost and MediaTemple. So, I’m taking a poll… if you’ve used either of these, what do you think of them?

UPDATE: I chose MediaTemple as my new host. I wrote about it here.

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  1. I’ve been with 1&1 for the last 2 1/2 years and haven’t had many problems (I’m on their “professional preview” plan which is actually free – it was a promo when they first started to get some people to use their service. This last week I’ve been busting my butt moving everything over to WordPress and their servers handled everything with no trouble. I probably will continue when I have to start paying in January.

    Sorry that I couldn’t give you an answer between DreamHost and MediaTemple from my experiences, but I haven’t heard much good about DreamHost.

  2. let’s try to keep this thread to the question at hand. :-)

    Dreamhost > MediaTemple

    I am personally going through the same question, but I’m also considering BlueHost as well.

    Relevant info I’ve found: (mt) and DreamHost are both hosted out of the same data center in LA. The Garland building. Pretty incredible structure. Reminds me of Rackspace. Dreamhost will give you tons of $$ for a refferal. MT basically gives you nothing (well, ONE month of hosting free. Big whoopy. Article here

    Dream Host’s control panel is the worste I’ve ever seen. MT’s is nice. MT doesn’t do Ruby but will soon. Dream Host is Ruby friendly. MT does not give you spam protection by default. Both use Squirrel Mail (yuck!) right now. MT will move to @Mail soon.

    That’s all I can offer at this point.

  3. I used Dreamhost, and I have had several problems with them. Power-outages and site-downs happen frequently. Media Temple is amazing… Pricey, but amazing.

    I evwntually decided to get a dedicated server with Serverbeach

    PS: Good luck on your hunt :)

  4. You may want to read the latest post on Mike Industries (http://www.mikeindustries.com/blog/) where he discussed the recent number of outages that have affected not only his site, but his e-mail, too. He also links to a Dreamhost blog posting discussing the power and hardware issues they’ve had lately. It’s a good read and shows that Dreamhost isn’t afraid to tell the truth. I think a lot of people admire that.

    With that said, I too use 1&1 hosting. I gave Dreamhost a shot, but they were too expensive for my personal tastes. Plus, 1&1 gives more bandwidth, storage space, and excellent uptime.

  5. “Who do you have right now?”

    I’m currently with LunarPages. It sounds strange, but when nothing is wrong… they’re great. But, if you have any kind of problem that requires delaing with tech support… they suck! Their support staff is terrible. I’ll be covering my encounter with them in a later post.

  6. I too use 1and1. Been using it for over three years and it has been very stable. In fact, I have never had any problems at all. Good luck with your search!

  7. I looked at (mt), but the price turned me off. I’m currently with icdsoft and so far they’ve been great. No problems at all and their tech support is top notch.

  8. Mediatemple.

    I was breifly with 1&1 in December before I stopped getting email for three days without any notice. Not so good.

    I’m happy with Mediatemple mainly because they offer a very Apple-like experience. They don’t offer 100s of “features” like icons and calenders that you won’t use. You just get a solid service. And they are about to update their offerings I hear. I’d keep them even if they didn’t offer more. They’re solid.

    The only thing I don’t like is that I have to open a support ticket to get a new domain added to my account (i.e. I buy my domain somewhere else, point it at their DNS servers, and then open the ticket to have them do the rest). It has never taken them more than 30 minutes to do it, so I can’t complain. I just wish I could do it myself. I think that is one of the forthcoming upgrades.

  9. I was with Dreamhost for a week before I decided enough was enough. Any app (like wordpress) that hits the database a fair bit ran slow as molasses for me. And their customer service was awful. It took them two days to answer my first question and, when they never answered my second one after a week, I decided to bail.

    I’m now quite happy with site5. They’ve got rails (most of their value add stuff is built with it!), really knowledgeable (and quick!) support, low server loads, and very active boards and employee blogs.

  10. I’ve been with DreamHost for over five years and have been very happy with their customer service and quality admin tools. They have their moments when mail servers are attacked and go down, but in general I’ve been a very happy customer.

  11. I’m with mediatemple and I’m very happy with them. I’ll be even happier with them when their newest version of the shared server platform goes live (more space, ROR, no more php “safe mode” restrictions). But their service is rock solid. Downtime is minimal and planned (and announced via email). Support is fantastic. I never feel stupid asking questions or opening a ticket.

  12. I’ve hosted with Dreamhost for three years now and don’t hesitate to refer my clents to them as well. Granted, there have been a few hiccups lately, but theyve been up-front about it and work very quickly to squash any problems. And for the money (I host my Houston Astros Podcast, StarStruck there, it’s an excellent value.

  13. I tried Dreamhost, and they were good. But I was looking for something better, and (mt) Media Temple could do that. Check out whats coming soon to their next Web Control Panel too, ROR support… loads of goodies. Shop around though, as Media Temple is anything but the cheapest.

    I would say (mt) though… their my current hosts, and I ain’t going anywhere in a hurry.

  14. Oh, and I’ve had 00:00:00 downtime. Even when they said there would be downtime for maintainance, there wasn’t. Is that service or what?

  15. I’m not sure about hosting places but as a regular reader for that past year I did feel that it was my duty to inform you of yet another place that talked about you. This time it’s the awesome podcast “Mac OS Ken” that mentioned your name. It is on todays show (Mac OS Ken: 08.04.2006) and he talkes about, what else, your pictures. Not bad press for some shots of a banner. Gota love it! JOhn

  16. Jeremy, the next upgrade (currently in beta) will eliminate safe mode restrictions and add a lot of other cool features.

    The safe mode restriction only applies to the “shared server” accounts. The more expensive plans don’t have that restriction. There are some workarounds which let you run scripts that normally won’t run in safe mode:


    The safe mode restriction is a problem with apps that allow file uploading. So I’m eager to see it go away. But even with that, I’ve been a very happy customer.

  17. I’ve not used either of your suggested hosts, but see http://www.phillryu.com he has a blog post on the lack of support he recieved from DreamHost, so you should probaly be careful if choosing them.

    I also have a webhost, and we do 24 hour support. Click my name to take a look.

  18. We were on Dreamhost for about a year, and had a year strewn with problems and frustrations. The customer service (although friendly and helpful) has a horrible response time.

    Always wanted to try (mt) as well, but thought their rates were way above market.

    So we’ve been with Liquid Web for about 5 months with no outages or downtime and have been really happy with CS so far, definitely worth a look as well.

  19. I’ve used A Small Orange for the past couple of years and can’t say I’ve run into any troubles. I’m just surprised that no one had recommended them yet. Am I not aware of something, or are they not as popular as I thought?

  20. i use site5 they are great and i get more bandwidth than i will ever use and the tech support is superb.

    i have seen people saying that Media Temple is good but i never chose to use them because they are rather expensive. Anyways which ever host you choose i hope they serve you well.

  21. I’ve been with DreamHost since 2000, and they’ve been good. As mentioned, there have been some hiccups from time to time, but in the long run they’ve been very reliable. They take care of their customers. (You can read more about life at DreamHost on their blog). Overall, DreamHost is a good value, and they’re fun.

  22. I have been with the code monster package at dreamhost and what I get for what I pay, is excellent. Thing is, I live in the UK, so most of the time when thier servers and such are down, I’m sleeping. I also like thier support alot, there are some very nice people there, and they tend ot be very quick.

  23. I’d check out QualityHostOnline.com. I use them and have nothing but good things to say about them, as a web designer I reccommend them to friends and clients all the time.

  24. Oah, I forgot to mention… make sure you go with someone who is not a reseller. I’ve found that rates are significantly lower when you go directly with someone who owns their servers. (one of the reasons I use quality ^)

  25. Try looking into Server Logistics (www.serverlogistics.com) … I have a number of my clients, as well as myself, on this host … they are located in L.A., and when the blackout happened, they were still up … even when media temple was down!! Oh, and they also host only on Xserve G5s, for all you Mac-heads. Uses a lot of open-source enhancements, and SurgeMail for mail server.

  26. I’ve read quite a few posts about how one should try to avoid Dreamhost at any cost because of very poor customer service (don’t remember the name of the bureau or whatever it’s spelled like, but it got a F).

    I’m considering either TextDrive, (mt) Media Templa or Site5 which all offers excellent Ruby on Rails support. I’d pay a buck or two extra for great customer service – TextDrive is a tad expensive, but it’s secure, got great people giving the customers the best service we could ever hope for.

    Anyway, good luck ^^

  27. I will cast my vote for (mt) Media Temple. I have been with the for the past four months and have not had one major issue with them. I ran into a few PHP safe mode issues with a client site that we hosted at (mt). However, it was good for our site framework to get an overall fix for PHP safe mode and ended up writing a Python script to fix those problems.

    Their customer service is the best I have ever dealt with. Extremely helpful and very quick!

  28. Wow, this post comes at a perfect time.

    I’m in the same boat. I’m with Lunarpages now, but have been… how do I put this elegantly… less than thrilled with their service over the past year. There have been outages due to what they say are DDOS attacks that take my site – and many others – offline for hours at a time.

    The latest one happened a few months ago after I had just relaunched my business site. All spiffy and Web 2.0ish and people were visiting the site and enjoying themselves for a while when this happened – and after a press release announcing the new site was out and ready for eager eyeballs, nonetheless. Nothing like getting dugg and the link takes you to a site that doesn’t load!

    Dreamhost and Media Temple were the two hosts I have been researching and leaning towards moving the site to, and I think Media Temple will get the call.

    The posts on this blog and a few more at veerle’s blog are pretty positive for (mt).

    * I just noticed that Paul moved over to (mt), so I’ll have to read his other posts and see his reactions. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences.

    I’m ready for a stable, reliable host.

  29. Both are actually in the same data center.

    I like DreamHost for shared hosting as they are cheaper and give you more for your money. This is where I have my personal sites hosted. But for larger corporate sites I prefer Media Temple’s VPS.

  30. I don’t really post things but this discussion has been helpful so i thought I would add a few words.

    It has been a rough month. I run a design business and we use our website for client reviews and downloads and email. I use imap for email.

    If you run any kind of business DO NOT go with dreamhost. They’re cool and all if you write a blog or have a portfolio website or just like to tinker with things. I’ve been with them for about 2 years now. The service was great when it worked. But slowly it went down hill. Email outages became more and more common. Support was nice when they got back. The site now runs super slow. Forget trying to do client reviews with the site. The final straw was when I started loosing emails. They just started disappearing. I lost some important client emails. Support is still looking into it…I think.

    I’m now off looking at new hosts. I am looking at Media Temple? I’ve heard MT has issues running imap and Apple Mail? Has anyone had any issues? (does anyone use Apple mail) Does imap work well on MT?

    A word on Lunar pages: we recommend them for our clients. They have been pretty good and solid. Support is ok. The only reason we are not using them for our site is the space limitations. They do say 5 gigs but the account comes standard with 1 gig and you have to request more, Up to 5 gigs. But none of the space can be email. If I understand this correctly it’s lame.

  31. “…the only reason we are not using them for our site is the space limitations. They do say 5 gigs but the account comes standard with 1 gig and you have to request more, Up to 5 gigs. But none of the space can be email. If I understand this correctly it’s lame.”

    I can’t say for sure, but I thought the Lunar Pages account came with more than 5GB, and you could specify how much was used for email. Unfortunately, the reason I can’t say for sure is that Lunar Pages is currently down. I think that says something right there ;)

  32. I use asmallorange.com hosting and get more hosting value, more DBs, all of the features, cPanel, for dirt cheap. I have yet to find any host that compares.

    Just my $.02

    Take a look you won’t regret it. My server has gone down 1x in 4 years. When they felt they were getting too big too quickly, they suspended taking in new accounts for 3 months while they set up more infrastructure. That’s the right kind of mentality for a host if you ask me. Email me if you have more questions!!

  33. I recently started hosting with Media temple after reading a lot of good press about the company. I am on a grid server (gs) account for about $20/month.

    I must say that I’m not pleased with either the performance (there’s a lot of latency with the system, quite often), nor the customer support. For example, there’s a problem with forward email in webmail. It’s been over 1 week and the issue is not yet fixed — in fact, I received a message that it has been fixed and it wasn’t. And during the course of that “fix” the rep said they had to delete all my email — hey thanks for letting me know ahead of time. So I lost all my email in the process and it’s still not fixed one week later.

  34. Media temple is really bad… i tried soooo hard to continue, but was forced to goto dreamhost… its been good since.

    The grid is far from solid

  35. Media Temple is terrible. They are constantly making human errors that disrupt the hosting. Customer Service is also a very long wait.

  36. HI HO, HI HO, Its Off to Dream Host I go!

    The “maintenance” was supposed to be 1.5 hours, then they changed it to 6 and now “they don’t know” I am seriously pissed at these guys. I wasted over a hundred dollars in PPC clicks going to a site that isn’t there.

    This massive outage is unacceptable I am definetly moving my servers elsewhere…

  37. Media Temple is not making me happy right now. I’ve been having issues with PHP5 and MySQL being able to recognize each other. I put in a Ticket on November 15 and it’s Dec 9th and this issue isn’t even one step closer to being fixed. They also make it very obvious that they don’t read the previous replies to the ticket because one reply later they asked for my root or admin access and I had already given them the password. It shouldn’t take over a month to figure out what on the server is not working so that I can install a simple phpBB board. Even when I tried with the plesk system.

  38. I’ve been using dreamhost for a year, and am about to switch to media temple. The advantage of dreamhost is that they are incredibly cheap with the discount codes. You can get your first year for $20. They have everything you could possibly need.

    The only reason I’m switching is because of the grid service’s ability to handle traffic. I’m hoping performance is better.

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