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one digital life in IE7

Want to see what your website will look like in IE7, from the comfort of your Mac? Daniel Vine has put together a great little online utility, called ieCapture, that will take a screen-shot of your site in IE7. This is very handy to see if your CSS is up to IE7 standards.

For you PC users, Daniel has also put together iCapture, which will show you what your site looks like in Apple’s Safari.

The system is still a little rough. I noticed that it sometimes takes the screen-shot before the page has loaded, so you end up with a blank screen. You may have to do it a couple of times before it works correctly. Also, once you submit the request, you just have to leave the page open, and hit refresh a little later to see if your site has been captured.

All-in-all it’s still a very handy tool, and it’s free. If you like the service, consider dropping Daniel a little donation, because as he puts it… Beer doesn’t grow on trees.

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3 thoughts on “Preview your site in IE7, from a Mac”

  1. Check out It’s a community-based, opensource project that does the same thing, except on multiple platforms with a majority of browsers represented. Plus, I’ve found the wait time to get a shot in IE is a lot more bearable.

  2. Guess the queue at is higher than normal. Told me over 60 minutes to get them completed. I guess this is why its a beta…

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