X-Men III: The Last Stand

X-Men III: The Last Stand

2.5 Stars

The other movie we saw over the weekend was X-Men III: The Last Stand. If you haven’t seen the movie, skip to the last sentence now, I’m going to give a lot away in this review.

I must say I was pretty disappointed. Although I will give them credit for one thing… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie where so many main characters are eliminated so quickly. That was unexpected. Although, I didn’t really care for the way they did it.

I’ll start at the beginning… In the first half hour of the movie, Cyclops and Xavier are killed, and Mystique is eliminated by being changed into a human. I don’t really care one way or another about Cyclops, but Mystique and Xavier are two of my favorite characters. I thought the way they were eliminated was kind of crappy. Xavier’s death, like Cyclops’s, was utterly meaningless. His last words were “Don’t let the power control you”, spoken to Jean. Well, as we saw, the power did control her, and the only way to stop her was to kill her. I thought the fact that she never turned back to the good side, diminished Xavier’s death. His last words fell on deaf ears. As for Mystique, I just like watching her run around killing people in her bluey hotness. I was quite surprised that she was eliminated so quickly in the story. She didn’t even get a grand exit… one dart and she’s out.

I was also disappointed that the much feared mutant menace boiled down to about 50-60 mutants. That’s all the Magneto could get to join his “army”. I though us normals viewed the mutants as a world wide threat. Is there really only 50-60 bad mutants in the whole world? What were we so afraid of?

Finally… the “Last Stand” seemed like not much more than a bar fight. You have all these mutants with all these cool powers, but in the end, they basically just beat each other up. Why weren’t most of them using their powers. Again… why were we afraid of these people? And, if there intent all along was to just kill the boy (the cure), why did they even bother going over to Alcatraz? They could have just used there powers to destroy Alcatraz from a distance. As long as I’m ranting… what was up with Jean during that battle? She just stood around doing nothing. She could have destroyed Alcatraz all by herself. Instead, she just stood there while they were defeated, and didn’t get pissed until the end. Why did they even bring her along?

To recap… poorly developed story, unnecessary character elimination, and wimpy finale. But, all that being said, it was still a half way entertaining action movie. I give it 2.5 stars.

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  1. i also agree completely. the movie was so horrible i was laffing the entire time. what was up with that ending after the credits? 3 seconds worth and they dont explain how they xavier even is alive again and where is he and whos he talking to. wtf? i want my money back.

  2. I didn’t stay for the credits, but I heard later that there was something after them, but I didn’t hear what. It was a scene with Xavier?

  3. warning: spoiler – early in the movie, when Xavier is teaching a class about ethics, he hypothesizes about a situation where you could transfer the consciousness of a dying person into the body of a healthy person with no brain function… that’s the clinic patient at the end… aaahhh.

  4. I do agree. The anticipation of everyone wanting to watch the movie is what made it make $120 mil but if left everyone disappointed, including myself.

  5. Yeah, I agree. I think that the movie was fairly entertaining, but it was pretty dissapointing too.

  6. You know, not to flame on this, but…. First off, soudns to me like all of you who replied to this built up expectations of what the movie was going to be before you saw it, and were dissappointed because it didn’t hold up to what YOU thought the movie should be. Yeah, main characters got killed. So what?? happened in the other two, too. Laso, Mystique is still in the movie…. she rats out Magneto. Also, you completely missed what the Pheonix was about. She is one step from being a god… why the hell should she do anything? she had no side, except her own. As for yout comment about them not using thier powers…. they were, but, if you remember, not that strong…. the one chick, the one with the stud in her lip, said so. And, if you think about it… the “Last Stand” was Magneto thinking he wouldn’t need that many mutants… he expected no contest from the humans….. I thought the movie was well done. No, it didn’t follow the series at all, but it was still a good movie. And a lot darker than I expected. And to Mr blogger… you really should have stayed through the credits… the scene with Xavier was brilliant. And leaves it wide open for another movie. All in all, soudns like no mater what they would have put on the screen, you wouldn’t have been happy. Tell you what, next time, YOU go make X-Men IV, and then we’ll see what YOU think an X-Men movie should be like.

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