The new $10

Ten Dollar Bill

So, as long as I’m on the subject of money… have you seen the new ten dollar bill? In a word, bluck! This is one of the ugliest bills we’ve done in a long time. I’m all for adding color to our money, but this is kind of a pukey peach color that I personally think looks terrible.

I know they have to take certain measures to reduce counterfeiting, but it looks like they just randomly throw elements all over the bill, without giving it any thought whatsoever. Who designs these things?

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  1. I work at Wendy’s Hamburgers as a manager and I’ve been getting complaints from customers for about the lsat two months or so on these bills. People think that one of the cashiers has given them counterfeit money or something and start raising a riot. I have to assure them that it’s legal US tender and remind them of the colorful 20 dollar bill.

    I just find it funny that people get all upset over it. I do agree that it’s not the most attractive thing in the world, but to raise a fuss that it’s counterfeit? Come on people, do you never watch any important news, or do you just live with Insider and Survivor?

  2. Thanks for the link Jeremiah. Actually, I think the English money looks so much better. It uses layout, and color so much more effectively. Why can’t we do that?

  3. For a country that is best known for it’s abiility to go to war and make money, the US isn’t as thoughtful about it’s money. I’ve seen third world dollar bills that take composition, pattern and color flow into more consideration than this “hodgepodge” of elements on the $10 bill. It’s a bit sad that the Gov’t can’t get something so vital to the country to look and work better. But then it took a catastrophe before anyone started to pay attention to the design of the voting ballots.

  4. Totally agree, Paul. Most countries have different sized bills for different denominations, and do things like put cool plastic see thru windows to prevent counterfitting. The bills are a form of national art, and tell a story. Ours try to make Alexander Hamilton look like Russell Crowe. Look at this site which describes the Australian currency, for example:

    Click on the links to the Aussie $10, $20, $50, and $100 bills. Very cool!

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