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Lost Shark Tattoo

If you read this blog, you probably know I’m a big fan of the TV show Lost. There have been 2 episodes that have almost hidden images in them, at least that I’ve noticed. There’s probably more. They aren’t exactly hidden, but they happen so fast (sometimes just one frame), that they would be almost impossible to see when watching them on TV. I have the downloaded movies from iTunes, so I can go back and watch them frame-by-frame whenever I see something weird. I thought I would share a couple of those with you.

If you haven’t started watching season 2, you may want to stop reading now. If you are past episode #10, in season 2, then you have already seen these, so you’re OK.

In season 2, episode 2 (“Adrift”), Michael and Sawyer are floating out in the ocean on their destroyed raft. A shark is swimming below them. In one quick scene we see the shark from below as it swims by. The underside of the shark has a tattoo near it’s tail fin. It’s very similar to the “Dharma Initiative” symbol. It’s similar, but with some distinct differences. What does it mean? I have no idea.

In Season 2, episode 10 (“The 23rd Psalm”), Mr Echo is confronted by “The Creature”. As he stands face to face with it, we pan around him, going through the smoke… several images appear in the smoke (10 by my count). Each one is only on for one frame, so they are impossible to see without watching them frame-by-frame. Even then, some of them are unrecognizable. I have links below for all 10 images. Hint: with the images open, you can push ‘p’ or ‘n’ on your keyboard to go to the previous or next image.

If you’ve seen more, let me know… but NOT if they are later than episode 10 of season 2. That’s as far as we’ve gone… so don’t ruin it for me.

Links: Lost on iTunes | Smoke Scene Ref 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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9 thoughts on “Hidden Images in Lost”

  1. DUDE! I love Lost so much. I’ve seen those images before. Great finds. How did you do that lightbox-type thing? It’s awesome. I’d love to do something similar on my website/blog.

  2. i don’t watch lost, but what you’re describing sounds like “easter eggs” in software. i wrote a video game way back in 1983; at that time, the easter egg was your personal signature and strongly encouraged to put into the game. not sure how hip management is now a days, but i’l be with all the video special effects and what not, what you’re seeing is the computer design firm adding their little signature.

    fun stuff, no?

  3. “what you’re describing sounds like ‘easter eggs'”

    Actually, I wouldn’t describe these as easter eggs. I don’t think anyone slipped them in… they were meant to be there… just very subtle. You need to be paying attention to see them.

  4. Ok, theory time: we know that the Dharma Initiative had a sort of “zoological” branch on the island, my guess is that this shark belongs to them, hence the “branding” or “tattoo”

  5. I am also a big lost fan and last night after looking at these images I was intrigued to read up about people’s theories on why they are on the island. For some reason I became really paranoid and freaked out! You’ll be glad to know that after a good nights sleep I’m back to my usual self :)

  6. the tatoo – part of the dharma project therefore the shark is mechanical. the images are probably just what was running through echo’s mind when he faced the smoke. maybe what flashed before his eyes when he thought he was about to be killed? think about it…

  7. The picture you labeled “Man Upside Down” is actually Eko himself. If you notice, he’s wearing the same clothes he was wearing when the plane crashed.

    I think the one you labeled “Face” is also Eko screaming.

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