Happy Birthday to Me…

My Birthday

It’s my birthday! Yay! I wish I could say I was taking the day off, but I have too much work to do. Oh, well.

There was another birthday recently that I totally missed. On May 1st, this blog turned 2. I started it on May 1st, 2004. Check out my first post. I had no idea what this site would become, or if it would last long. I was just curious about blogging.

On a related note, I had an alternate image for this post, but it seemed a little cheesy, or spooky, or somethin…

UPDATE: Oh my god, I was totally wrong. I didn’t start this blog on May 1st, I started it on May 28th. I guess I’m early for once.

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me…”

  1. Happy Birthday Paul. Thanks so much for the blog.

    Your slogan should be

    one digital life: giving people in windowless offices a window to the outside world.


    Congrats on the second odl birthday as well.

  2. Very Happy Birthday to you and your blog Paul :) – I kinda like the alt image better, it fits the entry more I think, anyways, best wishes and I hope you get something good (MBP anyone?) ;).

  3. I agree with Larry, I actually really like the alternate image better, very cool. and Happy Birthday, of course.

  4. W00t, Happy Birthday!
    I wish I could remember how long I’ve been reading ODL. Honestly, I don’t even remember how I found it… I’m just glad I did!

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