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One of my favorite sites is Every time something cool comes through their feed, I bookmark it, with the intention of writing about it, or looking for more information, etc… I almost always neglect to do that, so now I have a ton of bookmarks for them.

So, instead of many many stories about cool stuff, you’re getting them all at once in this Productdose mega-link.

Portable Battery, Personalized Action Figures, Bright Design Flashlight, Not your brother’s boombox, Battery Power, It only looks like your grandma’s phone, Toilet Humor, Salt & Pepper, Portable Fireplace, Vintage box that rocks, Wow, what a washbasin, Drink mixing in the digital age, Cooking sans your flesh, Wood Rug, Get Coordinated, Wake to Music, TV on the go, Computer Skateboard, Tiny Video to MPEG-4 Recorder, Retro Space Heater, Capsule Radio, Minox Leica Spy Camera, Supreme Ice Cream Maker, Vargas Girls Magnets, Rubber Band Gatling Gun, idio:synchro, Personal Water Propeller

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