RSS Feed Address Change!

IMPORTANT! If you subscribe to the RSS feed for this site, make sure you are subscribing to the correct one.

Currently, I use the the FeedBurner plugin to push my old feed (default WordPress feed) into my FeedBurner feed, but I think the plugin is conflicting with my hotlink protection. I’m going to be changing the configuration, and the old feed may stop working. You should subscribe directly to the FeedBurner feed to make sure everything continues to work properly.

If you already subscribe the the address below, than you are good to go.

Correct Feed:

5 thoughts on “RSS Feed Address Change!”

  1. Hi Josh, Are you using a software, or web-based RSS reader? If web-based, which one? I may need to tweak my hotlink protection.

  2. Oh, and it seems to be fixed now. Before, It was yelling at me for hotlinking or something. Twas an ugly image.

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