Pixel-Poachin’ Bandits

 Panic: Pixel-Poachin Bandits

Panic, the company behind the Mac’s most excellent ftp client, Transmit, has posted a collection of “Law-Less, Pixel-Poachin’, Gif-Grabbin, Layout-Liften’ Bandits”. In other words, it’s a collection of screenshots from around the web for sites that have “borrowed” the Transmit icon, other panic icons, and even pictures of there office. Damn thievin’ varmints! They’ve compiled the list with ajaxian goodness.

Links: Panic | Transmit | Pixel-Poachers | Ajax

Found via iWalt

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  1. Wow, the entire site is re-done and it is wonderful. These guys (and girls?) are really a class act in both software and their website. I’m so impressed.

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