Star Trek on G4: The Commercials

Star Trek on G4

G4TV is replaying all of the original episodes of Star Trek. To promote the show, they have put together some awesome commercials using the Star Trek action figures. I love these things, they are hilarious! I’ve come across 4 of them, if anyone knows of any more leave a link in the comments.

On a side-note, when I was 9 years old I had the entire bridge crew, plus the Klingon. Yes, I’m a geek from way back. Unfortunately, I was playing with them in our front yard one day, and I ran inside for just a minute… when I came back they were gone! Damn thieves! I was crushed. :(

Links: Poolside | Cribs | Karaoke | Coffee House

UPDATE: There’s a new one… Cribs – The Director’s Cut

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