How Advertising Spoiled Me


As a designer I have a lot of respect for advertising that is done well… whether it be an ad that pushes the limit in some way, executes a brilliantly simple idea, or is just beautifully done.

I’m obviously not alone, Arvind R shares the same passion. He runs a web site called How Advertising Spoiled Me… confession by a creative criminal. The site specializes in collecting well done ads from around the world. It’s one of my favorite sites.

Link: How Advertising Spoiled Me

4 thoughts on “How Advertising Spoiled Me”

  1. That PS2 ad has creeped me out for some time. Something about the facelessness, or maybe its the random mohawk buddy watching his friends get jiggy. That’s kinda creepy.

    So being a designer, maybe you can explain to me from a designer’s viewpoint, what exactly Nintendo is thinking (

  2. Well… I couldn’t presume to guess what they are thinking, and I’m not much of a gamer, so I don’t know how well it all fits into the gaming world… but I would say, from this designer’s point of view, it’s a good concept. I like the animation… portraying an individual as ” i “, and having that i interact with other i’s to form a collective “we” (wii). I though it effectively illustrated the interactive nature of the product. I viewed the ii’s as multiple people interacting with each other.

    That being said, I think it relies heavily on having the explination along with the logo or animation. I don’t know if anyone would ever pronounce “wii” as “we”, without being told how to pronounce it. So, it falls a little short as not being totally free-standing and understandable. But, I still like it.

  3. Oh I agree, it is clever for the exact reasons you cited. I fear that it will be lost in the shuffle. They are going from the name Revolution, which has a very strong and clear meaning, to Wii, which cleverly presents their goals, and I was just a bit baffled by it.

    My apologies for slightly running away off topic, I had just been hit by the news and it was all that was on my mind. Thanks for the input.

    This Advertising site is definitely going to distract me from being productive tomorrow morning :-)

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