Sharper Image Outlet

Sharper Image Outlet

I’ve always had a list of affiliates in the sidebar of the homepage… if you enter those sites through my link, and you buy something, I get a little commission.

I recently expanded that list quite a bit, and there was one shop I wanted to specifically point out. It’s the Sharper Image Outlet. If you are gadget minded, and who isn’t, they are worth checking out. They actually have some really cool stuff, and generally speaking prices are about 50% off, so there are some good deals to be had. And, you’ll be helping to support this site with any purchases you make there.

If that store doesn’t float your boat, check out the rest of the list in the sidebar on the homepage, under ‘Support This Site’. Just enter the stores through my links, and I’ll get a commission on anything you buy during that visit.

~ Thanks :)

Link: Sharper Image Outlet

4 thoughts on “Sharper Image Outlet”

  1. I would watch what you indicate as promoting click throughs in this manner may go against the terms of service from the advertisers putting ads on your site. I did something similar and had my AdSense account suspended.


  2. Ya, AdSense forbids you to do that because Google pays per click. These guys only pay a comission on sales, not clicks, so I’m OK… but thanks for the tip :)

    Bummer about being suspended :(

  3. Good to hear that it won’t cause any problems. Best of luck with them. Is this the iTunes affiliate program.

    I wasn’t too fond of disclosing my SS# beforehand to a 3rd party company, thus I’m curious on your impresssions thus far.

  4. Yep, it’s through LinkShare, which does the iTunes affiliate program. I don’t have a lot to compare it to, so I guess it’s OK. They have a fairly good system for choosing banners and such. I haven’t exactly gotten rich though… less than $2 :(

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