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ODL Down

The site was down for a few hours this morning. It wasn’t anything I was doing, it was my host, Lunar Pages. All email, and my portfolio site was down as well. I don’t know what happened yet, but it must have been fairly big. The Lunar Pages site was down too. Normally hosts have their own site on the most stable server they have.

Luckily, everything seems to be working fine now. Although, I sent an email to myself from a separate account. The email never made it, and I haven’t received a bounce-back. I’m hoping all email wasn’t lost during the outage.

UPDATE: Apparently they haven’t totally fixed the problem yet, as the sites keep going up and down. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

4 thoughts on “Site was down”

  1. I am also on LunarPages and have been a big supporter of theirs for the past couple years. However this up and down business of their servers has been becoming a frequent problem. Hopefully they will get their act back together soon as it is a major hit to productivity when you don’t have functioning Email.

  2. I host my site and my clients with Lunarpages. I think they are great! Excellent service, pricing and customer support. Lunarpages is undergoing a move. Their servers are being moved to a new location. I suspect that has something to do with recent problems.

  3. I agree. For the most part I have been very happy with LP. In the 3 years I’ve been using them, this is the first major outage I’ve had. They aren’t perfect (who is?), but they are way better than any other host I’ve used.

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