Free O’Grady Season 2 on iTunes

O'Grady FREE on iTunes

I haven’t actually ever heard of, or watched, The O’Grady Show, but the second season (5 episodes) is free through iTunes. I can’t testify to it’s quality, but they do have some heavy-hitters in the cast… and hey, it’s FREE!

“In O’Grady’s second season, the Wierdness is witnesed by a slew of all-star comedy guest voices belonging to Late Night’s Conan O’Brien, Saturday Night Live’s Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch, and Arrested Development’s David Cross and Wil Arnett…all complementing the wicked humr of O’Grady’s regular (and hilarious) cast. But even fabulous celebrities might not be able to make Kevin and Abby admit how hot they are for each other. Ho and P.S.: Season 2 also boasts MORE IRIS!”

Link: Download O’Grady on iTunes (FREE)

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