A tour of Microsoft’s Mac Labs

Microsoft MacBU

I’ve always been kind of curious what Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit (MacBU) looks like. Is it a respectable place, or just one guy with a 5 year old iMac? Well, thanks to Microsoft employee, David Weiss, we can all see for ourselves. David is a blogger, and he’s posted a tour of the MacBU lab on his blog. Thanks David!

Oh, and if you’re wondering, the image above is a rack of 150 Mac Mini’s.

On a side-note, after poking around his blog, I’ve realized David is clearly a Mac Guy. I wonder what it would be like to be a Mac Guy, working at Microsoft? How does he get treated by other Microsoft employees? Oh, and did you notice he’s not using Microsoft’s blogging tools? He’s using Blogger. I think I may have to keep on eye on this blog for a while, and see what else he writes about.

Found via TUAW

UPDATE (4.24.06): As a followup to his pictures of the MacBU, David has posted some Mac Lab Q&A.

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