The HomeDock Deluxe

HomeDock Delux

Today I came across a very cool new iPod dock, called the HomeDock Deluxe. It comes with a remote and has on-screen controls (on your TV) for navigating your iPod from across the room. That is awesome. Why, oh why doesn’t Apple’s dock do this?

The HomeDock Deluxe is cool, but it’s not cheap. It will set you back $149.99. It’s available today.

Found via MacMinute

5 thoughts on “The HomeDock Deluxe”

  1. Well… The Apple Universal Dock + Apple Remote allows you to control the iPod…

    And if you want on-screen controls – buy a “teachable” on-screen remote (seen those at about $30) – which you can ‘tutor’ to replace both the Apple Remote, your TV remote and whatever other remotes you may have..?

  2. Just got mine all da way in the Netherlands yesterday but got rather upset at the state of the Remote which was probably scratched during manufacture. I got over-excited when I saw highlights from DLO’s site and made a plunge to have it. Happy to have it but with some regret after paying huge shipping+taxes. Its what I got to live with living here. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being top score. I’ll give HomeDock Deluxe a 7.5. Most of it owing to the functionality of music menu on the big screen. But 2.5 lost due to the fact that its not everything viewable on TV thus making it not as Delux-ious as it claims. You can read my review about it here. To date, I’m still awating response from DLO for a replacement remote.

  3. Got response from DLO finally. They will be shipping me a new remote in a week’s time. COOOOOL!!!

    Can’t wait to get a better looking remote.

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