Ryan vs Dorkman

Ryan vs Dorkman

Have you seen this? It’s Ryan vs Dorkman… one of the best home made Lightsaber movies I’ve seen. You can find it on Google Video, but here’s a high quality QuickTime. I found this on multiple sites, so I’m not sure who to give credit to.

Also, try this… go to Google Video and search for lightsaber. Apparently, everyone and their brother has made a home made lightsaber movie. Who knew?

I especially like this one… it’s the low-tech approach.

4 thoughts on “Ryan vs Dorkman”

  1. I originally saw this on Ryan Wieber’s website. Ryan got a job a Lucasfilm games because of this film, though he no longer works there.

    I think I’ve shown this video to everyone I know and watched it several times myself. It is awesome.

  2. Yea i’ve seen this. I went further and found out that the guy in blue shirt now works at Lucas Arts because someone there saw this.

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