Busy, busy, busy…

My posts have been a little sparse lately because I’m in the middle of a huge project, under a tight deadline. If you’ve emailed me lately and I haven’t responded, or you’ve been wondering where the posts are… that’s why. Bare with me… everything should be back to normal within a few days.

UPDATE (3.27.06): I will be wrapping up my project today. I’ll be answering emails and posting new content this afternoon. Yay!

UPDATE #2: The Project is done! But, I’m afraid I lied about the new posts and getting to email. I’m beat! I’m showering, eating dinner, and going to bed. More tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy…”

  1. ummm… paul, if we “bare” with you, i think your site will get even more traffic, but from a different audience… :^)

    go bears!

  2. Everyday I visit the site, sometimes more than once and everytime I see that you haven’t written anything since you wrote this. Then I see your post about the hilton cartoon. These are depressing times. Hopefully they will be over soon. 8)

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