You Digg Me… You Really Digg Me

Digg Spike

A little over a week ago I announced that I had changed my RSS feed over to FeedBurner, so I would have the ability to keep track of how many people subscribe. An added benefit to FeedBurner, was a feature they call FeedFlare. FeedFlare basically gives you some pre-built items to add into you feed, and your blog posts. That’s what generates those links at the bottom of each post, for emailing the story, digging the story (, adding to, etc… I wanted to make it easy for people to share my stories, so I decided to take advantage of that feature.

Now, I had never actually used or, so I really didn’t know what those buttons did, exactly. So, I decided to do a little experiment. The expirement was meant to show me what the buttons did, and determine if someone could boost traffic to their site by using those other sites. The only thing I can say now is… Oh… My… God!

Here’s what happened… Yesterday I opened accounts over at and (both free). I then gathered up a handful of my past stories that I thought people would be interested in, and bookmarked them in, and dugg them ( Most of the stories had a mediocre response, less than 10 diggs each. But, there was one story that got a little more attention. It was a tutorial I wrote last year, on how to back up you music library using iTunes, and automatically track future incremental backups.

As of 8:00pm tonight (PST) the story has received over 1,500 diggs. My site, which usually gets around 3,500 visits per day, has received over 16,000 visits today. The traffic hit its peak at 11:00am, receiving almost a days worth of visits in one hour. Yesterday, there were 286 people subscribing to my RSS feed, as of right now, there are over 1,000 subscribers. My referrer log has been overflowing with links from digg,, Yahoo News?, PopURLs, and a bazillion other online news readers, RSS aggregators, and blogs that picked up the post.

Now you see why I said… Oh… My… God! It was an amazing day. I’ve read about this happening to people, but it’s the first time I’ve gone through it. It was a bit freaky to see the numbers change as fast as they were today.

I’m going to say that this experiment was a success. I learned what the buttons did, and determined that, yes… you can increase your traffic by using sites like, and

I’ve also read that after an event like this, you typically don’t retain all those readers. A lot of them will drop off… and that’s OK. But, I wanted to extend a welcome to any new readers out there. I hope you enjoy the site, and stick around for a while. Thanks for an exhilarating day!

6 thoughts on “You Digg Me… You Really Digg Me”

  1. Congratulations! It’s really exciting your site’s traffic has increased so much. I’ve subscribed to your feed for a while now and have been reading your posts everyday (or whenever you update) and I’m glad the world has gotten a chance to find your site and enjoy your interesting or helpful or cool or humorous posts, too! Hurray!

  2. I realize this is really a post about Digg and your content, but it’s very cool to see such a compelling example of the power of FeedFlare. The chart says it all! Great job.

  3. Congratulations! I regularly visit and (I watch them through an RSS aggregator, and I know the power of those websites. A lot of sites are posted and suffer what is called the digg effect (basically the websites shut down for a while). I have seen a lot of blogs on there that I have subscribed to as a direct result of being on Congrats again and I hope you have some more success with your articles.


  4. I Like guys like You that give away wisdom cool and relaxed. With this kind of information many people can save a lot of money. Me Too. At the moment i try to work with feedburner on my site: your news are good news. thanks.

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