It’s true… Windows XP on an intel mac!

Windows booting a mac

Last month I mentioned a contest with a goal of dual-booting a new intel mac with both OS X and Windows XP. Well, the internet is a buzz this morning with news that the contest is over. Two programmers, “narf2006” and “blanka”, have snatched the $13,000 prize by successfully doing the deed. They’ve written their own bootloader which allows you to select which OS you want to boot from. Well done guys!

For the brave, the dual-boot software can be downloaded here.

Of course, the success may be short-lived. I’ve heard that when if Microsoft releases Windows Vista, dual-booting won’t be possible, due to hardware requirement restrictions. But, given enough time, I’m sure some clever do-it-yourselfer will come up with a way around that too.

UPDATE (3.20.06): Before jumping up and installing Windows XP on that new MacBook Pro of yours, you may want to check out this post over at Engadget, entitled, Will XP melt your Mac?

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