iTunes… Just for You

iTunes: Just for you

If you haven’t been in to the iTunes music store lately, you may not have noticed the new section called ‘Just for You’. It’s a portion of the store interface that offers recommendations… assumably based on past purchases, kind of like Amazon. It’s currently in Beta, but it seems to work pretty well. One of the best recommendations for me was Chutes Too Narrow, by The Shins. I liked it so much I bought it.

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2 thoughts on “iTunes… Just for You”

  1. would be nice if it looked at your library some how and didn’t suggest to you songs or albums that were already in your iTunes library. that is a sad thing. i’ve shut Just for You off in my iTunes for the very reason of it not suggesting accurate interests.

  2. “Chutes Too Narrow” is a great album in my opinion. It’s one of those few I listen to all the way through and then I get to the end and find myself wanting to listen again.

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