2 thoughts on “The real-life Simpsons Intro?”

  1. that is just so slick. Now, are they gonna bastardize the Simpsons by trying to make this into a movie or is it just someone with too much time on their hands?

  2. Actually, this intro was approved by Matt Greoning to be used during the new season of the Simpsons. The into, unbeleivably, took over a year to compile. They must have slacked on it.

    I recall the makers of it making the characters as “Relatable,” instead of trying to make them look as close to the simpsons cartoon designs. I mean, that’s a smart and logical move. Let’s face it, it would NOT work well at all if they gave Marge her 5-foot tall hairstyle in real life. It just.. no.

    I do like the other people in it, you can see Flanders, Moe, Barney, Bleedin’Gums Murphy and cheif Wiggum. Nice touches.

    I just think the opening shot is epic in itself — compared to the real opening animation, that’s pretty freaking accurate hahah

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